Ulu Temburong National Park - Brunei

The green jewel of Brunei?The green jewel of Brunei, Brunei first national park established in 1991 – a protected 550sq km of Bukit Apoi forest reserve, located in the easternmost part of Brunei. Managed by the Forestry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources Brunei. This park is located within the Heart of Borneo initiative a tri-lateral government cooperation to conserve and preserve 220,000 sq. km of connected rainforest in Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. The topography of Ulu Temburong is mountainous; steep slopes, narrow ridges and numerous peaks. The vegetation structure is mainly primary lowland/hill dipterocarp and sub-montane forest. Some specials recorded here: Bornean wren babbler, Blue-banded pitta, Malaysian rail babbler, Malaysian honey guide, Bornean bulbul and more.


Journey from Bandar Seri Begawan to Ulu Temburong National Park can be adventurous; water taxi (20 pax capacity) cruising winding river tributaries of mangrove forest and long boat called "temuai" (4 pax capacity) by skilled locals maneuvering through several rapids.

Visas : http://www.bruneitourism.travel/info/entry.html

The government of Brunei Darussalam requires all visitors to have a valid passport and onward tickets or sufficient funds to support themselves while in the country. Visa requirements vary by nationality. A 72-hour transit visa issued on arrival is available to all nationalities except for Israeli passport holders. All other nationals entering Brunei must obtain visas from any Brunei Darussalam diplomatic mission abroad. Please contact your nearest diplomatic mission for further details regarding visas and entry procedures.

Notable Sightings

02 - 03 June, 2013

  1. Grey-breasted Spiderhunter. Absent from northern Borneo. It was sighted daily on both sides of the Temburong river in front of the resort.
  2. Thick-billed Flowerpecker. A rarely seen flowerpecker, sighted from the Canopy Walkway.
  3. White-rumped Shama. Absent from Northern Borneo. A beautiful songbird increasingly threatened by the cage trade. It was seen around the resort.

Route Map