Rules & Regulations


Failure to do so, may result in the disqualification in the competition.

  1. Counting
    1. Count only full species as indicated by the current checklist agreed by Organizer.
    2. Birds must be conclusively identified by sight. Birds captured on Digital device are allowed, however, it must be identifiable by the Stewards and Adjudicators.
    3. Identification by sound recorder are not allowed and therefore, not acceptable.
    4. Introduced/reintroduce/feral species may be counted provided they appear on the local checklist.
    5. Birds listed must be alive, wild and uncaged. Sick and injured birds may be counted. Eggs not counted as birds.
    6. Any forms of playback are strictly prohibited. Pishing is acceptable.
    7. Any form of light/bright light /camera flashlight are strictly prohibited.
    8. All birds must be identified by at least two members of the team. Identification by one team member does not count.
    9. Care must also be taken not to cause distress for both the nesting birds and the surrounding vegetation and wildlife.
    10. Checklist must be acknowledged and signed by all team members every time sign-in and sign-out occurred.
    11. Appointed Steward will be the checklist keeper of the team.

  2. Time/Schedule Changes
    1. All teams must submit checklist accordingly following the stipulated timing set by the Organiser.
    2. Organiser has the discretion to stop the Race, in case of bad weather, flood caused by torrential rain or other unforeseen situations.
    3. Expect changes of schedule during the race duration due to various reasons.

  3. Area/Race Ground
    1. Brunei Green jewel Leg: Ulu Temburong and Water village
    2. Sarawak Kenyalang Leg: Borneo Highland resort
    3. Sabah Mokitombolog Leg: Kinabalu Park / Sepilok Rainforest Discovery center.

    4. *Race ground/venue may change according to ground Country/State requirement and participants are expected to abide the Law.

  4. Travels/Transfers
    1. All transfers to/within the race ground provided and arrange by organizer.

  5. Participants
    1. Teams must consist of three registered members.
      • Each member must have a pair of binoculars
      • 1 scope set per team
      • 1 camera DSLR/Compact are allowed. You may bring along your long lenses.
      • Be aware of the impact photography can have on birds- avoid lingering around nests or core territories for long periods and limit the use of artificial light
    2. The organisers will provide Bird Race Steward to accommodate logistic knowledge, safety procedures and team logbook keeper.
    3. The Competing Team must comprise of three members the entire duration in the field, unless a member is sick or injured and subject to approval from the Organisers.

  6. Bird Race Steward
    1. The Bird Race Steward must not assist the team in any way of location or identification of birds.
    2. The Bird Race Steward will be the fourth member of the team to accommodate logistic knowledge, safety procedures and team logbook keeper.
    3. The Steward is must sign-in and sign-out the Logbook at all times.
    4. The Steward has the right to reject the checklist within the time frame of sign-in and sign-out.

  7. Ethics
    1. Avoid leaving litter along a birding trail, and do not move dead branches, brush or tree limbs in order to see birds more clearly.
    2. To observe and respect local culture. Practice common courtesy in interactions with other people.
    3. Do not enter private property without the owner's permission.
    4. Follow all laws, rules, and regulations governing use of roads and public areas.

  8. Field Conducts
    1. Team members must remain within voice contact to all the other members at all times.
    2. Teams are required to sign-in by acquiring logbook from the arbitrators and sign-out by submitting logbook to arbitrator when required by organizer.
    3. Team members count only birds by two members and unquestionably identified.
    4. All identified birds must be recorded and to be included in the checklist, by the accompanying steward.
    5. Team members must be familiar with the rules of the competition and abide by them at all times.
    6. No team intentionally prevents other team from finding bird location.
    7. No team allowed using any mobile phone/mobile tablet/laptop during the race to acquire information from non-participating personnel.

  9. Logbook / Checklist / Submission
    1. Teams are provided with one logbook to each location of the race.
    2. Logbook is to be kept organised by Steward at all time.
    3. Total number of the bird sightings are to be agreed by the team member upon signing-out and signature of all the team members are required.
    4. Total number of listed birds species on the checklist logbook are considered final when submitted to the arbitrator. No alteration or correction after the submission of the checklist.

  10. Adjudicator
    1. Adjudicator is locally known to have done extensive works on birds of Borneo.
    2. Checklist submitted by the team are final to be legitimate after reviewed by the Adjudicator

  11. Briefing
    1. All team are compulsory to attend briefing before Race commences in all the legs. Failing to attend may result disqualification. Organizer will give time and venue.

  12. Publicity
    1. As required by the Organisers, the Club or Individual may produce a blog report, photo essay, trip report or story of the event and publish in various print and social media. Appreciate your cooperation and support.

    1. Participation in the Borneo Bird Race is solely at one's own risk. The organisers and others associated with the event will not be held responsible for any damages, injury or loss of life and/or limb. Liability release form will be required signature upon registration.

Have Fun and enjoy good Birding!!!